Hardware and Software Safety Tips

Apple Camera

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We were delighted to learn that Google photo app allows users to upload more photos than Apple photo.


A new feature of iOS8 for iPhone, included the digital Medical ID in the Health app that could possibly save your life. Completing your personal health data for emergency or medical personnel, the information can be viewed when your iPhone is locked. The Emergency button displays your vital medical issues is available along with your family members to call.

Safety Tips

During the tax season, users are flooded with unwanted email. One is said to come from the IRS requesting your personal information. NEVER! offer any information via email or phone. It's a SCAM! Learn more about avoiding the latest scams from AARP for seniors.

While driving, ask Siri to sent messages, email or even make reminder list for you. Be Safe!

Public Wifi is very convenient but remember that when accessing the free service that others could possibly access your data as well.

News App

Tired of subscribing to newspapers and magazines, the News app is at your fingertips when needed "free of charge". Start reading an article on one device and finish on another since articles are saved in iCloud. Buttons at the bottom of the screen, For You, Features, Explore, Search, and Saved in iCloud assist in personalize your reading.