Bowie Apple Club

Apple Club Meetings

The club officially convened June, 2015 with members who desire to learn and acquire skill in using their apple products. The club meets the second and fourth Friday of the month from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Bring your iPhone or iPad with you learn of the new features Apple just released. See you at our next meeting with questions to be answered!

Today is

Bowie Senior Center Location


Membership is opened to all who desire to learn about the Apple devices. Bring your iPhones, iPads, MacBook or even your android devices to gain knowledge about the operation of the features with ease.

We share information and offer training using a large television connecting the Apple Tv HDMI cable using Airdrop turned on to share your screen.

Learn about the lastest app to make your life more enjoyable. Also, we stress safety and security while using any wifi connection. See the article on a Virtural Private Network(VPN).

Fix a Slow iPad


Follow these steps to speed up your hardware.

1. Delete Apps From Memory. Turn off apps constantly running the background. View apps running in the background and close them. View the list of running apps:
iOS 9 -Double click the Home button Swipe up to close apps
iOS 10- Swipe from the left to view the Control Center Swipe up on the window to close apps. Continue the process for each app window.

2. Reboot the iPad. Hold down the sleep/wake button until instructions appear to turn power down/turn off the iPad.

3. Check the Internet speed, install a Wi-Fi Speed test app. The average network is around 12 megabits-per-second(Mbps) to 25+Mbps.

4. Run the current iOS verion

5. Clear Storage Space. Store old photos and music on an usb/flash drive and delete from the iPad. Delete unwanted apps. In the browser(s) Safari or Chrome, delete cookies and web history.

Additional tips given at each club meeting.

Location Services

This built-in feature determines your location based upon GPS- global positioning system network. This service used by Google Maps, Find My Phone and Friends, YELP, WASE and other apps to help find your location. Your position is based upon data stored on the hardware stored on cellular phone networks, nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices.
The GPS chip installed connects to the network to get your current location. Remember: GPS is not always accurate! Double check! Some higher-end smartphones have more sensors as compasses and gyroscopes.

Turn on Location Services:

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • Move the slider to on/green
If you choose to turn off Location Services, repeat the above process and move the slider to off. Learn about your security with Locations Services on at our meetings.

Password Protection Tip


Your many online accounts have password protection to secure your privacy and identify. Lately, you’ve been asked to used two-step authentication with your accounts.

Many companies require that your password be changed or reset every 30, 60, 90+ days to secure your identity.

A secure password is as good as the security house system. Remember that you know someone who has been hacked and or identity stolen.

Report problems to the Federal Trade Commission

Podcast App


Podcast is a digital audio file on the Internet. Launch the app or download from the App Store if not installed. The navigation buttons located at the bottom:

  • Featured – shows promoted podcast
  • Top charts – highest rated podcast
  • Search – search podcast by name
Subscribe to one or more podcast(s). Download the episode(s) and listen. One popular podcast is TED talks. Try a show! Podcast episodes can be shared with others using the Share icon. You can configure episodes in the Settings>Podcast. Turn on Sync Podcasts. Set the Refresh rate to hourly, daily, weekly or choose Manually. Turn off or on Notification. What are some of your podcasts?