Hardware and Software Tips

iOS Dock

iOS Dock

The dock offers quick access to the apps installed on the iPhone, iPad, ladtop, iMac. You may add or remove apps from the Dock at anytime.

The Dock appears at the bottom of the home screen of the iPad and iPhone but can be configured to be appear on left, right, bottom and on the mac appear and disappear using the genie effect.

The dock lets you quickly launch any installed apps.

Add or Remove Apps

Since the Dock is used for launching apps, you'll probably want to keep your most-used apps there for easy access. On iPads with 9.7 and 10.5-inch screens, you can put up to 13 apps in your Dock. On the iPad Pro, you can add up to 15 apps thanks to the 12.9-inch screen. The iPad mini, with its smaller screen, accommodates up to 11 apps. Adding apps to the Dock is super simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Tap and hold the app that you want to move.
  2. Keep holding until all the apps on the screen begin to shake.
  3. Drag the app down into the dock.

Update the Software

ios Update Notification

Apple frequently displays a notification to update the operating system. Currently, iOS 12 has been updated 12.1.

Before updating any device, Backup, backup, backup!
Settings > General > Software Update.

The message to update is available, tap Install Now. In order to complete the update, the device must be powered and connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi.

It is possible to see a message to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update; Continue or Cancel. Install NOW, the software will reinstall apps that it removed. If clicking Cancel, the process is aborted.

Choose Later - will display Tonight or Remind Me Later. If Tonight is selected, the Update is installed when the device is powered automatically overnight. The passcode will be required.

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Reveal Dock While in an App

The Dock is always present on the home screen of your iPad, but who wants to have to go back to the home screen every time you want to launch an app? To access the Dock at any time, from any app:

  1. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on earlier versions of the iOS, this was used to reveal Control Center).
  2. If you're using an external keyboard with your iPad, you can bring up the dock by clicking Command (or ⌘) + Option + D at the same time.
The Dock is always visible from the Home screen but disappears when an app is opened. Remember to close apps to preserve memory!

Tips to Fix a Slow iPad

Follow these steps to speed up your hardware.

  1. Purge Apps From Memory
  2. Hardware with too many apps constantly running the background or the device has low memory are some of the reasons for a slow hardware.
  3. View apps running in the background and close them.
  4. Reboot the iPad-- Hold down the sleep/wake button until instructions appear to turn power down/turn off the iPad.
  5. Inspect Your Wi-Fi Connection
  6. Check the Internet speed, install a Wi-Fi Speed test app. The average network is around 12 megabits-per-second(Mbps) to 25+Mbps.
  7. You’re running current iOS verion
  8. Clear Storage Space
  9. Store old photos and music on an usb/flash drive and delete from the iPad.
  10. Delete unwanted apps. In the browser(s) Safari or Chrome, delete cookies and web history.

    Additional tips given at the club meetings.

Do Not Track

Do Not Track

This is feature of all browsers for website tracking. By default this feature is turned OFF except in Private browsing where it is always turned ON. Turn Tracking ON Chrome:

  • ☞On your computer, open Chrome browser.
  • ☞At the top right ☰, click More > Settings.
  • ☞At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.
  • ☞Under "Privacy," check Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic.
Firefox feature lets every content advertisers and providers of sites visited that your behavior is not to be tracked:
  • ☞Click the menu button ☰ and select Preferences.
  • ☞Select the Privacy & Security panel.
  • ☞Tracking Protection
  • DoNotTrack-Choose the Always setting.
  • ☞Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.